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My Background in Painting


Self-taught, I have always used painting as a means of self-expression through colour, matter, and movement, in parallel with my work as head of communications. Now I devote most of my time to it.


I don’t follow any rules or seek perfection.  I try to convey joy, sadness, and anxiety as I feel that these emotions escape from me, through my brushes, and onto the canvas.

Some might say this passion for art and beauty is in my blood as I come from a family that has had a long line of artists, painters,
designers and photographers.


Abstract expression allows me to let go of my brushes; it is surely them that make me dance on the canvas. Each figurative painting, where the drawing is only a pretext, is a small piece of my life.


Outside of painting


I was born in Madrid, and spent many years and France only to return later to Madrid. I am a mother of 3 boys (my best creations...).

My other passions: Literacy (I love books and writing), art in all its forms (I am a gallerygoer), tango and travelling; they flood my head and my heart with colours and emotions, a gift for my paintings....


To help children...

 Part of the profits obtained from the sales of my paintings goes to the association "Aide et action" whose mission is to advance the cause of education for all people.


For my part, it’s a small way to help them. By buying one of my works, you will be also contributing to a good cause. Thank you!

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